American reaction to the events of the World Trade Center attack have not only affected the nature of American security and military presence in the East. The events of 9/11 have greatly affected our perception of the Muslims world and our understanding of terrorism. The topic of my website is about 9/11 and its effects on the United States. This subject is important as it explains why the United States is conducting a War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq and why the notion of terrorism is so pervasively reflected in the media. This website will attempt to examine Americans’ perception of terrorism, and how the coverage of 9/11 in the media led Americans to support the decision to go to war in Afghanistan.

The “Day of Terror” section of my website will explain the attack on 9/11 and provide a brief chronology that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center. The “U.S. Response to 9/11 Attack” section will tell us why the United States chose to invade Afghanistan and depose the Taliban government while describing the domestic changes made by the U.S. government in reaction to 9/11. In “War on Terror in the Media” I will provide a general picture of war coverage in Afghanistan and describe the use of propaganda to motivate American support for the war. Last but not least “Entertainment- War Culture” will describe the ideas of terrorism reflected in the entertainment industry, specifically television/films and video games.

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